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Coaching Information


BRL Refs - Course Link

The NRL " F1" Rugby League Referees course will teach you the fundamentals of the Referee’s involvement in the game. 

Anyone wishing to officiate Rugby League is required to complete this accreditation. Accreditation is compulsory under the all games affiliated with the National Rugby League.

Clink on the link to find out details on how to enroll. www.playrugbyleague.com.au/referee

Coaching / Touch Judge / Sports Trainer Accreditation / Referees Course Links

If you are volunteering at the club in 2021 and you are a coach or looking at being a coach, please register as a coach on www.playrugbyleabue.com asap if you haven't already done so.  When you register it will let you know course dates and times if this applies to you.

Details for other courses for like Sports Trainers and Referees, can also be found HERE

Touch Judge Courses can be found HERE

Note that all volunteers will be required to get a BlueCard.  More information is located under “Club Info / Rules”.


International Games Coaching Course (IGC) for 13years to Opens teams and Modified Coaching Course (MGC) for 6-12 years:


International Games Coaching Course (IGC) for 13years to Opens teams and Modified Coaching Course (MGC) for 6-12 years:

No Cost - For information and to register, CLICK (HERE)!

Modified Games Coaching Course (MGC) for 6-12years teams:

The new eLearning piece is now ready. New coaches will follow the process below:

1. Select eLearning for the age group they are coaching, enrol and complete (will receive a certificate stating eLearningis).  The focus of the workshop is to equip the coaches with the most appropriate tools to foster a positive learning environment for all players.  Coaches who complete the e-Learning modules will receive a certificate with the expiry date of 30/6/2020, this will enable them to coach until they complete the face to face component of the workshop.




 Public Link

 eLearning – 6 to 7s  


 eLearning – 8 to 9s  


 eLearning – 10 to 12s  



 2. Once complete, coaches will be able to select ‘community coach face to face workshop’. Coaches must enrol into the age appropriate face to face worskhop at a cost of $20.00, this coast includes a coach's pack (football and markers).  Upon completion, coaches will receive an unpdated certificate and a 4 year accrediation.

3. The Community Coach Face to Face Workshop is the second component of the accreditation course. This is the final requirement for anyone who is coaching a team from 6-12 years old.  Please follow this link to regisgters: 6-12 Face to Face Workshop

4. For Existing Coaches that attended the Community Coach Face to face Workshop for 6-12 years in 2020, do not need to attend a workshop, unless they aer moving to under 13s or above.  However, if moving into a new age group (for example, coached U7 in 2020, will still need to complete the eLearning compoment for 8-9's,  if moving up to coach U8 2021. They will be able to access their certificaté for the new age group with extended exipiry and are not required to complete another face to face workshop.

Under 13 - Opens Coaches

E-Learning Modules:



 Public Link

 eLearning – 13-15's  


 eLearning – 16 to Opens  


To attend the Community Coach Face to face workshop (13+ click HERE)


ALBANY CREEK CRUSHERS Junior Rugby League Football Club Inc.

"Developing spirit, strength and sportsmanship to be the best you can be !"

ALBANY CREEK CRUSHERS J.R.L.F.C. supports these great organisations ...

South Pine Sports Complex

Click On Our Interactive Google Map
(Next to Wantima Golf Club)

Off South Pine Road & Cribb Road
Brendale Qld 4500

Tel/Fax: 07 3325 1422
Secretary: 0452 587 229
P O Box 660 Albany Creek Qld 4035